Probation Client Information

If you are already on probation, here are some things you should know

  • Map of Services - This link contains service providers in the Mobile area that can assist you with some basic needs. The link contains directions and a contact number for each provider.
  • District Map - Your probation officer will explain to you the limits and restrictions on your travel. Even if you have been told by your attorney or another person what these limits and restricitons are, you should only follow what YOUR probation officer tells you.
  • Color Code Telephone Numbers - (251) 441-6774 or if you are calling outside of the 251 area code you may call (800) 634-3114. It is your responsibility to call this number and follow the directions given in the recording as instructed by your probation officer.
  • Alabama ICE (association with gun) warnings - There are severe penalties for those convicted of a felony if they associate themselves with a weapon. The weapon does not even have to be yours. If you find yourself associating with someone who has a weapon or if you are unsure of your responsibilities to avoid situations involving a weapon, contact your probation officer immediately.
  • What to do if you have a problem - Your probation officer is not just someone who must enforce the judge's orders, but someone who sincerely wants to help you get your life back in order. While you should deal with your assigned officer, there is always an officer on call in case of an emergency. The main telephone number for the probation office is (251) 441-6800. If you have questions, ask. Your officer is bound to enforce the terms of your probation, but he is also bound to treat you fairly and honestly.
  • Appointments - Appointments with your probation officer are important. If you have an appointment to see your officer you must keep that appointment.
  • MONTHLY SUPERVISION REPORT The Monthly Supervision Report is due in the office the first of each month. You may obtain a copy from your probation officer, or you may download it by clicking the link below. Be sure to sign the report and attach any documents your probation officer has asked for.

    Download Monthly Supervision Report

    Your probation officer MAY authorize you to file this report over the internet. If so, you will be given specific instructions as to what login name and password to use. Should your officer authorize you to use this option you may use the link Unauthorized use of this site is subject to prosecution under Title 18 of the U.S. Code. All activities and access attempts are monitored and reported.


    Electronic Reporting for those approved by their probation officers will not work if you have Internet Explorer 10 installed. Electronic Reporting is best run using Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 and has been tested to successfully run on IE9, Safari, and Chrome.