Solicitation Questions

FY2022 Solicitation Frequently Asked Questions:



1. Short term or long tern vendors for residential? Which is preferred and what is the time frame?

There was a brief discussion regarding length. Ninety (90) days is the length currently being sought.


2. What form of documentation (electronic or paper) is easier and user friendly for smaller vendors?

The USPO does not offer a preference on electronic health records verses paper.

Several vendors spoke up and disclosed the systems they currently use or have experience with. They included Avatar, Welligent and Therapy Notes.


3. In regards to staff qualifications the State of Alabama’s requirement that within the first 30 months of hire a counselor who has a batchelor’s degree will obtain a Substance Abuse certification.


4. Should potential bidder’s include reference letters? 

No the bidders should include a list of references that will be contacted by the U.S. Probation Office.


5. If a potential bidder cannot provide all services (Project Codes/PC) listed on the Request for Proposal (RFP) can they bid? 

No the RFP’s are for the total PC listed and inability to provide all deems the bidder technically unacceptable. 


6. Should a vendor include resumes of staff along with copies of the degrees?

Yes both a resume and copy of degrees should be included with your bid.